How To Treat Eczema


Eczema is a allergic or uncomfortable condition that causes rashes on the skin. It is a form of skin disease that causes skin to become dry, red, inflamed, irritated, red and extremely itchy. Eczema is not specified to any age group or sex. It is also known as atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema. Everyone can have eczema at any age and can lead to misery. If you will visit doctor, he will probably recommend you to use a steroidal cream. However, it doesn’t always work. There are many other things that help you to reduce your blistering and itching, and most of them are home based. I will try to discuss some of them in this article.

Symptoms of Eczema

  • Intense itching on face, elbow, feet, knees, ankles or hands
  • Painful cracks that can appear later
  • Patches of skin may become red
  • Scratching may cause infection and permanent scars
  • May interfere with your sleeping patterns
  • In adults, eczema may appear on neck, face, flexures of the arms or flexures of the legs

10 Ways to Cure Eczema

1. Change your Diet:

The first thing that you need to do is control on your diet, or even change it if necessary. Make sure that you are having wholesome and organic vegetables, fruits, and nuts in the raw form in your feed. To fulfill your omega acid requirement, you can use fish and salmon as well.

2. Medical Moisturizer:

You can use moisturizer in form of creams, lotions or ointment that are widely available. They can reduce the loss of water from the skin and make it less dry. They can be applied immediately after taking the bath. Try Ointment for badly affected skin while moderate eczema can be cured using gels and creams.

3. Wear Natural Fiber Clothing:

For example if you are vulnerable to eczema, avoid any sudden change in the clothing fabric. Moreover, you have to avoid itchy wool or clothes made up of synthetic fiber. The reason for avoiding this is that it will cause irritation to your dry skin and make it itchier thereafter.

4. Avoid using Perfumes, Lotions or Soaps that may cause Allergy:

Make a list of perfumes and lotion that cause irritation to your skin and try to avoid them too. The reason to avoid perfumes generally is that most of perfumes contain alcohol that makes your skin dry, which will ultimately cause more irritation. Similarly, you have to make a list of vegetables, fabric, animals, and fruit as well that cause eczema and try to keep away from them. If you can afford an allergy test for all usable items, you must go for it. However, it is better to have made your own journal.

5. Use Natural Synthetic Substances:

The best treatment of eczema is by the use of natural synthetic substances. Virgin coconut oil is one of the examples that contain MCT, (medium chain triglycerides), and medium chain fatty acids. These two things collectively make skin to be moist that already dried from eczema, and provide nourishment as well. Lauric acid is another ingredient in this oil that is half of the total fatty acids and its role is anti viral and anti bacteria on the skin to kill both and avoid any evasion.

6. Use Neem Oil:

Neem oil is another very good ingredient that helpful in the treatment of eczema. Try to find some creams that contain this oil. This oil is very effective for eczema. Other substances that help in the treatment of eczema are including fish oil, B Complex, Zinc, and Grape Juice. The main function of these ingredients is the dry out of your eczema skin from the inside to outward.

7. Maintain Personal Hygiene:

If you have eczema, you need to be very much vigilant about your personal hygiene. The reason is that your skin has been already ready to expose to invade by foreign bodies. Therefore, you don’t have to give them any chance to get in can cause serious consequences. For this purpose, you have to take a bath regularly with lukewarm water. Furthermore, you have to wash hands regularly after every hour interval, and use a light cream on your hand. This is because, whenever you will try to touch your eczema skin, there is a danger of transmission of most bacteria, viruses, and many other microorganisms in the body. Even then that if you have clean and creamed hand, try to avoid touching eczema skin more often.

8. Take short, warm Showers:

Another thing that you might need to consider before taking a short shower is the rubbing of small almond oil on the affected areas of skin. It will help to keep those areas moist. After shower don’t rub that surface for drying purposes, instead pat yourself on these areas.

9. Manage Stress:

Stress and frustration makes eczema worse. Take adequate sleep, eat right and mild exercise can help you stay healthy and prevent flares.

10. Avoid Scratching or Sweating:

Avoid scratching the ares that are prone to eczema. This will make the situation even more worse. Cover the area with dressing or wear gloves to avoid scratching. Similarly, avoid using tings that may cause sweating. This will make your skin extremely itchy.

Many other ways to treat eczema is also out there and most of them are very effective. However, just manage to summarize only a few of them. You can get an idea about all other methods by just searching over the internet. YouTube is a good website where you can be learned home based treatment ways with practical demonstration.