How To Write A Cover Letter


Writing a cover letter might seem a daunting task especially where one is not conversant on how to go about it. This however is not the case; having a step by step approach on writing a cover letter can help you to become an expert. It is important to know that a cover letter is used to accompany the resume which is sent out to an employer. It is important to remember that a cover letter is supposed to complement the CV by giving an overview of why you want to apply for the position. The following tips will help you in coming up with an outstanding cover letter


Things To Include In Cover Letter

Address the cover letter

Include your address as well as the address of the person you are contacting. It however becomes tricky when you don’t know the gender of the person you are addressing the letter to. In such circumstances, indicate dear sir/madam. This will have saved you a lot of trouble which can arise when you address your prospective employer with the wrong title.

Customize the cover letter

To customize the cover letter simply implies the letter being in line with what you are applying for. Avoid duplicating cover letters since most organizations will have different job openings. This is a mistake many people make where they recycle their cover letter without paying attention on the position title they are applying for. This means every cover letter should be in line with the company’s day to day work.

Ensure you gather as much information regarding the company you are applying to. This will make the employer realize you have an understanding of what they do as well as interest. There are creative ways in which you can capture the employer’s attention. For example you can write. I came across your website as I was looking for great companies that hire online workers and yours was outstanding because….

Include references contact

Most people have learnt a habit of indicating references are availed upon request. It is important to remember that companies receive huge applications and incase they need to know anything more about you, they contact the referees. It is therefore likely that without a referee, your cover letter might end up not being taken serious

Indicate how you will add value

In the cover letter, indicate why you think you are the best suitable person to get the position you will be applying for. Have facts and relevant qualification as well as the skills to convince the employer that you will be in a position to fill the gap and in a professional way. Papers alone will not grant you the position. At times, indicating previous experience as well as your success will add weight to your cover letter.

Give reasons why they should hire you

You need to convince the employer that you are up to the task and you are a result oriented person. No single employer will hire you if you cannot deliver results. Be honest and indicate you are capable of meeting the targets that will be set forth by the organization as long as they are realistic.


A cover letter let a organization know more about the the person keen on joining them. Don’t make the cover letter too long or too short. Remember, your detailed work history and educational qualifications should not be included in the cover letter rather it should be in a CV(Curriculum Vitae). Make it captivating by showing you have something to offer to the organization. A CV without a cover letter is most likely to find place in trash.