How To Write a Song


There is song in all of us which we would like to share and express it to others. Nothing communicates at such a deep level than a genuine heart felt song. Though writing a song may seem a real tedious process but it is not. Just having a broad concept about how you are approaching you song will give you good idea on how can you write a song. You can follow the mentioned steps which would assist you in writing you own song.

Song writing is a drug and I’m addicted to it … I can’t imagine being without song writing, without having that expression. I wouldn’t be a complete person without it.” ~~ Justin Hayward

Easy Guide On How To Write A Song

1. Stop thinking and Start Doing

Though most of us have tendency of thinking that we would do or accomplish something we really want to do in future when that perfect day arrives but such a day never comes. The same thing is with song writing. If you really want write a song then get to an attitude of doing things right now rather a future. Make a commitment and start working on things such as writing, building a generic structure of a song etc.

2. Open Yourself to the Ocean of Music

When it comes to music it is vast expansive world in itself. It has so much to offer that there is always something to learn hence keeping the fun in it too. Just as a good writer is one who doesn’t limit himself to a certain kind of literature but incorporates many genre of literature and reads several books, similarly to be a good songwriter you have to open your arms to all genres of music. Some of the famous genres include Jazz & Blues, Punk, Rock, Djent and Classical. Music has a lot to offer for every kind of listener. So never put a limit to your choices and be open to every kind of music as listening to various bands and genres will add up to you song writing and making skills.

3. Work on the Technical Front

You don’t have pass a music school to understand music but just like any other subject, music is a field in itself and has a lot to offer. So getting the basics at least clear will teach you way to make you song better. Understanding music is beneficiary on many levels as it clears out things such as what kind of sound you’re looking for, what would be a good way structure your songs and how to do it etc.

4. Let the Inspiration Pour Out

You never know at which moment an inspiration may strike you. Having an inspiration gives a jump start to your song writing as whenever something comes from deep within there is no way you can go wrong with it. So always be ready with a pen or paper to note down anything related to your song pops up anytime. You can also record the groove or melodies in some recorder but capture it somewhere so that when you sit on it you don’t forget it.

5. Set the Feel and Mood of your Song

No matter what kind of song you want to write, it will fall in some category of sound and would convey a definite feel and emotions which would be an extension of you. So you can narrow it down that how you want to set the mood and groove of the song. Music lets you convey the exact feeling you would feel with not only use of the words but also the sound. Take a guitar and start playing the tune and then try to sing the lyrics along with the tune. Play the same chord for Intro, verse, chorus and bridge or different chord for verse, chorus, bridge etc.

“I don’t think I’m a great songwriter, but I think I’ve learned a lot about it, and I don’t think there’s any one way to do it. I don’t think I can control it at all. I can just kind of hope that it happens.” ~~ Norah Jones

6. Develop and Progress

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Whenever you’re doing anything especially writing a song, see to it that you have all your commitment and dedication towards which only come towards the things which are close to your heart. So after developing a string foundation for your song keep on improving it.

7. Uniqueness of Your Song

Always consider the fact such as what makes you song unique from the song out there or what kind of thing your song would introduce which isn’t out there. Seeing through such perspective will give you a good idea to work on song. Make it a complete package with parts which can’t be easily forgotten.

8. Share, Get Feedback and Continue

Once you are on the verge of completing your song share it with your close people and get their opinion. You necessarily don’t have to incorporate what they are saying but it will give you a good idea about your song. Taking feedback from the right people is also important and once you know you are ready go ahead with completing your song. Don’t after this but continue on journey and conquer higher peaks and make more songs and enjoy while doing it.