How Will The World End


Today in the world one of the topics that people discuss and talk about is the end of the world. Many people have predicted different things and people have given different opinions about the end of the world. Human beings who really care about their life of course do not want to die just simply like that. So this being a really topic regarding human life, they are really worried and they listen to any prediction, opinions given by anyone. Some people say about the Mayans who were ancient people once who lived in the world. They made a calendar which was known as the Mayan calendar and it was built until the year 2012. So this year also being the year 2012, many people are fearfully waiting if this is the end of the world.

There are many signs happening around us today. Namely they are earthquakes, tsunami’s volcano eruptions, storms, tornado’s etc. Many people’s lives are being harmed and some even passed away. People say then that this is all because that the end of the world. From the past we know that the world faced a lot of natural disasters where a lot of people passed away and lost their lives. Until this very moment there has been no one who could predict that what will happen. We actually can’t give a specific set of the rules and instructions as to how the world will end but here we have listed few of the ways by which the world may came to an end.

9 Ways This World May Probably End

1. Earthquakes: Seismic activity within the earth has increased in the last couple of decades. It is expected that a worldwide devastating earthquake could happen anytime in future and erase the existence of mankind from this earth.

2. Third World War: This world has already seen two world wars and some others small wars have happened in last 50 years among some different countries. Many developed countries have already equipped themselves with nuclear power and some developing countries are already in progress in upgrading their arms and ammunition. It is predicted that the next world war will see the use of far more advanced weapons that will result in mass scale destruction.

3. Super Volcanoes: There are few super volcanoes presently active in this world. Each of this volcano is capable enough to produce several tons of sulphuric acid. The dust and debris that will come out of such volcano could hide sun for several years.

4. Asteroids: An asteroid impact which many have been a cause of extinction of dinosaurs may happen again sometime in future. If such an asteroid impact happen somewhere in future, it wouldn’t leave any city around the world intact. If properly targeted during an early phase, they can be easily avoided.

5. Super Storms: Super storms could be another reason for the extinction of this world.

6. Environmental Impact: We all have been seeing impact of climate change and global warming for last few decades. With rise in number of vehicles, the pollution has been increasing day by day. Rise in level of oceans due to melting of polar ice caps has resulted in the eviction of several people living near coastal regions.

7. Diseases: Diseases such as AIDS which can not be cured can affect the lives of millions of people. It was first discovered in 1981 and since then research have been going around to cure the disease.

8. Tsunamis or Hurricanes: These storms play havoc on earth and can displace millions of people. Such is an affect of these natural disasters that they can result in destruction of life and property.

9. Invasion by Aliens: We all somehow believe that there is a part of life that is living in some outer world. They may strike earth anytime in future in search of resources or minerals.

There can be a few things that people could do to prepare for the end of the world.

  1. Practice a proper religion. Many people have their beliefs and some even don’t. So it is best to have a religion in our lives. This is because through religion a person’s heart is been prepared and filled with something really precious. All the religions in the world are good. There is no specific religion who is the best and who is not the best. All the religions have the same teaching even if they use different languages or different ways of practicing it. That same message is “God is Love and all things come from god” So no matter what, it is best to go have a religion in your heart and participate faithfully.
  2. If there are any doubts or un-cleared things or doubts with friends, family members do clear them off. Because these things only cause burden in our heart. And why not make things proper with the people who you really care about? It is always good to approach them and ask for pardon and make things right. Then the release will be felt in the heart.  It will also be good for health. Because when you are having things in your heart, it may cause burden and you may also have different sickness. Why not release it off and prepare for whatever the world has to offer?
  3. Always do good deeds to people. We never know when our lives will end. So it is better to have a peaceful life than a complicating life filled with anger and hatred. It takes us nowhere. Treat all people nicely and equally. Don’t do any harm to anyone. Accept them as they are. When you meet someone smile and greet them. They might be having a bad day too. Things could change in a person’s life just by your smile. It is not the amount of money you make in this world, but the good deeds you do in this world.

These little things mentioned above do not tell us how the world will end. We have no clue or no idea as to how the world will end. But
surely we can be prepared for it when it comes. The little deeds what is mentioned previously only help us to have a free heart than a complicated heart with a complicated life. So do good deeds as much as possible in the life we live. Our life is not forever. It is temporary in this world. So why not make it a better life than being a burden or making it really hard for everyone. When the world will end we don’t know. But just be prepared so that you have nothing to regret for.