How You Should Find Job Candidates

When it comes to running a business your employees are at the heart of everything you do, and finding the right people can mean the difference between success and failure. Therefore, you need to lure the top talent to work for your organisation, and there’s more to it than simply offering the most money, as top wages can attract people who are in it just for the money. Here are some ways to ensure you’re never short of enthusiastic and talented candidates who want to work for you.

Finding right job candidates

Offer a challenge

Those at the top of their game don’t want to move into a role that’s going to be dull and repetitive, and by offering a challenge and a chance for career progression you’re going to get people who strive to be the best. This could include chances such as:

  • Building a department from scratch
  • Launching a product or site
  • Getting in on the ground floor of a startup
  • Having creative control in their job

These are the kind of things that a bored professional would love to see in a job advert, and it ensures that you only get applications from people who are truly enthusiastic about your role.

Offer progression

Nobody wants to move into a role that’s a dead end, so it’s essential that you show there’s a clear path for progression in the role. Those who offer services for executive recruitment in Melbourne will often tell you that even the top professionals in their field want to know that their role has somewhere to go, and will sometimes apply for a less prestigious job if it means it has potential to really get them somewhere in a few years.

Create a great work culture

Companies such as Google have excellent reputations for their corporate culture, and this has lead to the search engine receiving over a million applications a year from the best and brightest in the industry. Although the prestige of working for such a company is one of the reasons it gets a lot of applicants, Google is also well known for having an amazing corporate culture. Their offices have plenty of facilities for staff to enjoy, including a ball pit for grown ups and a slide, and this encourages staff to take breaks and keep active so that they don’t burn out on work. As with many successful companies they also promote a healthy and stress-free lifestyle with excellent perks such as private health insurance, daycare centres, and even subsidized massages.

While nobody expects a small startup to have the same perks as a global corporation, there are ways you can build a reputation for looking after employees, including:

Offering flexitime and home working opportunities

Giving staff a work-life balance

Promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst employees

Offering time off for training and personal development


Networking isn’t just for jobseekers; it can also work for those who are seeking to fill a role. If you’re looking to hire for specialist vacancies and are having a tough time finding candidates, then attending a networking event in this sector can really help you to get the word out. It means you can meet people who might not be actively looking for a job, but could be receptive if you offered them a chance. Friends and family of existing employees are also good options to hire, as they often have a higher retention rate and better loyalty to your company.

Even in a competitive marketplace it’s not always easy to find the right applicants, but by looking at different ways to make your role more attractive you’ll no doubt see an increase in interested parties.