How to Make the Most of Your Customised Promotional Items

Giving customised promotional items to your current and future client base is an integral aspect of building awareness of your brand – provided that you do so correctly. Many businesses have failed to successfully build brand awareness through the giving of customised promotional items because they failed to address certain criteria, most notably:

–       Customised promotional items should reflect the nature of the business

–       They should be useful and therefore of value for the client (current or future)

–       They must be of a high quality so as to last and convey the right impression

In addition to these criteria, there are also additional ways to further the impact that the giving of a customised promotional item has, for instance, giving customised gifts on clients’ birthdays and to commemorate the initiation of business relationships.

Reflect the nature of your company

What is it that your company does? When having customised promotional merchandise and gifts designed and produced this is the first criterion to pay attention to because it’s an integral aspect of increasing brand awareness.

For example, fitness centres often give out customised sportswear, water bottles and supplement shakers because they’re relevant to what they’re about and reflect the nature of their business, whilst businesses that provide products and services related to kitchens and/or cooking often give out aprons and cooking utensils because they directly relate to the nature of their products and services.

Relevant to the nature of your business doesn’t necessarily mean expensive either, for example, bookstores frequently give out bookmarks which are cheap to produce but meet all the relevant criteria; they reflect the nature of the business, they’re useful and they also boast longevity because people tend to hold onto them.

Useful and provide value

Customised gifts must also be useful for the recipients and therefore provide value in some way. The examples above show how it’s possible to give gifts that aren’t only relevant to the nature of the business, but are also useful for the clients and provide value.

Giving products that the recipient has a use for, and therefore add value to their lives, is an important part of the process of creating brand awareness because the more frequently the recipient has a need to use an item the more they’ll be exposed to the business brand.

Giving customised products that your clients have a genuine need for will help you in conveying a favourable impression of your brand and furthering awareness of it.

Longevity and conveying a favourable impression

Longevity, and therefore quality, is important to pay attention to because the longer a promotional item lasts the longer it will be used and the greater the awareness of the brand will be. Custom lanyards, as with any item of customised promotional merchandise, must be able to be used time and time again because the longer it lasts and is used the more exposure the brand will receive.

This exposure not only concerns the recipient and the furthering of brand awareness in their minds, but also the furthering of brand awareness and recognition in the minds of others.

This is one reason for creating and producing customised promotional items of a high quality (greater exposure), whilst another concerns the esteem in which recipients hold the business because poor quality gifts that don’t last won’t convey a favourable impression of a business, and in fact, they often have just the opposite effect.

For your customised gift giving efforts to have the greatest impact, pay attention to the criteria discussed here; relevance to the nature of your business, longevity and value for your clients’ lives.