How To Play Poker For Fun?

Playing Texas Hold’em or Omaha hi poker online doesn’t have to be intense and serious. You can play poker games online just for fun with no money at stake. After playing real money poker for long periods of time, play money poker might sound like a boring proposition. But, playing poker for play money is a lot more exciting than you think. Believe it or not, it is not even that difficult play poker for fun either. You don’t need to follow any poker tips or poker strategy to have fun! Here is how most people play poker online for fun!

Forget your poker strategy

First, forget following strict poker strategies that are required for successful real money Texas Holdem and Omaha hi poker play and just go with your gut feeling. Playing the same poker strategy over and over again can allow you to make a lot of profit, but it gets repetitive and boring after a while as well.

Play any poker hands you want

The great thing about playing online poker for fun is that you can play as many poker hands as you want. One of the main complaints many poker players have when they play with real money is that they get tired of waiting for profitable starting poker hands. But, when profit is not your main concern, you can try to make moves with every poker hand you get dealt. There are no consequences for a loss, so you can do whatever you want!

Don’t worry about the chips

Finally, don’t worry about the amount of poker chips you have or the amount of poker chips that are in the pot. Since they are basically valueless, they shouldn’t even enter into the equation when you are playing poker for fun. Just worry about making decisions that you think will win you the poker hand and go from there!

Playing poker for fun is extremely easy, because you don’t follow any poker strategy, remember any poker tips, or play specific poker hands. When you play for fun, there are no consequences to making poor decisions, and you can work on new poker techniques without any risk of losing any money from your bankroll. Log into your favorite poker room or any of the online poker sites you frequently play at, sit down and play at a few play money tables!