Poker – A game of luck or skill

Poker is a hot favorite game among people these days. It’s on the television, casinos and even online. The popularity of poker is increasing day by day and more players are joining in. The game of poker a famous question attached to it which is often debated. This question is whether the game of poker requires more luck or skill to win. I mean you must have come across this question once or many a times, if you’re a poker player. However, still we do not have concrete answer to this subjective question. According to poker professionals like Barry Greenstein and more, it’s 90 percent of player’s skills which is involved in the game of poker and only 10 percent of luck. Another has revealed that skill plays a more important role in the game of poker.


In my opinion, it will be skills which should be given more preference than pure luck. Let’s take a look at the following points which should consider while playing poker:

  • You not opt for gambling unless you’re ready to lose a game

In the lucrative game of poker, people tend to lose a lot of money and that’s because they don’t plan their strategy in advance which also includes setting a limit in terms of money which you’re going to shell out while playing the game.

  • It’s a bad idea to play poker with borrowed money

Yes, that’s true because if you decide to play poker with borrowed money it will further add to your stress levels.

  • You should be free from stress when start playing

It’s very important to maintain your cool when you’re going to start playing poker. If you’re stressed out, then you’re bound to make mistakes and your judgment might go for a toss during the game.

  • Analyze your opponent carefully

In the game of poker, it is essential to analyze your opponent on the poker table. This would include understanding the way they lay their game and you have to design your strategy based on your analysis. You should also keep in mind that you should not be easily intimidated by the aggressive nature of a particular player.

  • It best to not waste your precious time on waiting for good cards

In poker, it will be best for you to not wait for good cards as you will rarely get them. It is essential that you take your time and not be afraid of folding a poor hand at the same time.

  • Patience is the key

As poker is a time consuming game, you have be patient. You have to design your strategy to play the game accordingly. Your knowledge regarding the game will come handy regarding your betting during the game.

  • Practice will make you perfect

Practice is required for something that you want to master. Regularly practice is essential to get hold of poker and its variations as well. There are lots of books and websites online for poker tips. You can refer to forums and blog posts of professional poker players and ask your query from them from time to time. You can opt for poker games with your social groups or you can even play with your family.

I have shared my opinion in the post, but the debate still goes on whether skill or luck is important to win in poker. I thin you should keep the above points in mind because it will help you to play poker in the right way. If you have any question related to this post, please feel free to comment on it and I would happy to reply you back. Enjoy poker!!